Oven Roasted Mussels (weekends only)** - garlic, fresh herbs, butter, and white wine    $12
Roast Chicken - herbes de Provence, sourdough stuffing, and haricots verts    quarter/half/whole $12/$18/$30
Farmer's Market Polenta - seasonal vegan polenta entree    $13
Lamb Meatballs in Harissa Sauce** - mixed olive levain toast    $10
Black Mission Figs - roasted with goat cheese and prosciutto    $10
More Bread - toasted housemade sourdough    $2
Stuffing - housemade sourdough, mushrooms, pecans    $5
Haricots Verts - pickled shallots, toasted almonds     $6


Chocolate Mousse with salted caramel, whipped cream, toasted almonds    $6

Strawberry Shortcake - housemade biscuit, whipped cream    $6

Housemade Cinnamon Bread Pudding - earl grey crème anglaise, seasonal berries, basil    $6

Pluot Crisp** - (wheat-free)     $6

**Starred items available for dine in only.


Organic Fair Trade Coffee, Tea & Espresso
McLaughlin Coffee, Scarlet City Espresso, Republic of Tea 
Assorted Pastries and Artisan Breads
Butter Croissants, Pain au Chocolate, Seasonal Fruit Scones and Croissants, Cheddar Bacon Scones, Apple Oat Scones, Lemon Scones, Vegan Fougasse, Carnivore and Vegetarian Quiche, Cinnamon Raisin Rolls, Sourdough Levain, Black Pepper Walnut Levain, Mixed Olive Levain, Sprouted Rye Levain


Mixed Green Salad - balsamic vinaigrette, shredded carrot, cherry tomatoes    $4.5/$6.5

Roasted Corn Salad- romaine, cherry tomatoes, cotija, spiced pepitas, buttermilk-lime dressing  $9/add chicken $4
Caesar Salad - romaine, cherry tomatoes, sourdough croutons,
parmesan   half/whole/family $5/$9/$14  

add pulled chicken    $3/$4/$5
Stone Fruit and Pecan - goat cheese, mixed greens, lemon vinaigrette    $8
Honey Butter Tartines -   $2/$4

Honey Butter and Jam Tartines -    $2.5/$5

Peach, Ricotta and Fresh Thyme Tartines -    $4/$8

Avocado, Lime, Corn, Cotija, and Fresh Cilantro Tartines -   $4.5/$9